Universal Branch Codes

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Universal branch codes in South Africa.

Do you need to find a branch code for your bank?

We know how frustrating it can be when you have to keep track of a bunch of different numbers. If you need to find the universal bank branch codes for your bank, we’re here to help!

Get access to the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information available when it comes to universal banks branch codes. We’re confident that you’ll find what you need quickly and easily.

List Of Universal Branch Codes Below :

Bank  Universal Branch Code
Absa Bank Universal Branch Code632 005
African Bank Limited Universal Branch Code 430 000
Bank of Athens Universal Branch Code 410 506
Barclays Bank Universal Branch Code 590 000
Bidvest Bank Limited Universal Branch Code 679 000
Capitec Bank Limited Universal Branch Code 470 010
Discovery Bank Limited Universal Branch Code 679 000
First National Bank Universal Branch Code 250 655
FirstRand Bank Limited Universal Branch Code 201 419
HSBC Bank Universal Branch Code 587 000
Investec Bank Limited Universal Branch Code 580 105
Mercantile Bank Limited Universal Branch Code 450 905
Nedbank Universal Branch Code 198 765
Old Mutual Universal Branch Code 462 005
Rand Merchant Bank Universal Branch Code 261 251
RMB Private Bank Universal Branch Code 222 026
Sasfin Bank Limited Universal Branch Code 683 000
SA Post Bank (Post Office) Universal Branch Code 460 005
South African Bank of Athens Limited Universal Branch Code 410 506
Standard Bank Universal Branch Code 051 001
Standard Chartered Bank Universal Branch Code 730 020
Tyme Bank  Universal Branch Code 678 910
Universal Branch Code List | CFO360 Accountants

What Is The Definition Of a Bank Branch Code?

It’s a simple code that may be used across all of a bank’s branches. This code can be used for every transaction, regardless of where a bank account is kept or opened.

What Is The Definition Of A Universal Branch Code?

A bank’s branch code essentially identifies the area in which that branch is situated. In a nutshell, it’s a one-of-a-kind number assigned to each and every bank branch.

When Should You Use A Universal Branch Code?

When making an electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment online, you need a bank account number and a branch code.

If you wish to transfer money to another bank account, the online banking system will request a branch code for confirmation and speedy processing.

For internet banking customers, using universal branch codes is the ideal solution. South Africa’s leading banks have established universal codes.

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