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Free Invoice Template Excel South Africa | Download

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Tax invoice Template Download

Download our FREE Tax Invoice Template for Small Business owners

When selling goods or services you need to present your customer with a valid Tax Invoice. Download our professional looking FREE Tax Invoice to send to your customers.

Download FREE Tax Invoice Template

– Easy to use

– Invoice Fast and Efficiently

– Print to PDF

Free Invoice Template Excel South Africa

Are you are looking for a free invoice template for Excel in South Africa? Then look no further because with our free template you are able to create invoices for your business at no cost to you! Our invoice template design will not only allow you to create professional invoices quickly and effortlessly but It has been designed specifically for use in South Africa. Download it now and start accepting payments from your customers.

There are several reasons why you would need our free invoice template in Excel.

Here are 6 of the most important ones

– It is very important to have a record of sales for your business as well as for your customers.

– You have to send your customers an invoice for them to pay you. 

– Your business will look more professional if you use our free invoice template.

An invoice is a legally binding document between you and your customer. Invoices serve as proof of goods delivered or services rendered between you and your customer.

– Invoicing will help with the organization and management of your company finances. 

– Invoices make it easy to track how much money is coming into your business.

What makes our free invoice template in Excel for South Africans stand out above the rest?

We have developed a template that is simple yet efficient, which is suitable for a multitude of small business operations.

– Our invoice template looks neat and professional.

– We have included the most important elements required on an invoice.

– You can customize our free invoice template to your exact requirements.

– We have already incorporated the excel formulas within the invoice template which means when you enter the quantity, the unit price, and the discount (when applicable) the line total of the invoice will automatically be calculated for you saving you time and effort.

– Our free invoice template is printer-friendly which means you can print invoices for yourself and your customer quickly and easily.

How to complete our free Excel invoice template step-by-step guide.

  1. To start with you must insert your company logo on the top right-hand corner of the free excel invoice template.
  2. Then you have to insert your company name in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Now insert your company details – address, e-mail, vat number, and company number.
  4. On the top right-hand side below Tax Invoice complete the following sections: date, valid until, invoice number, and reference.
  5. Complete your customer details. Start with your customer’s name or the company name, their street address, city, zip code, phone number, and vat number.
  6. In the space provided underneath the description you can add a brief overview of the services and or goods you have delivered to your customer. 
  7. Complete the item, description, and quantity. The formulas calculating the unit price, vat rate, and the line total have been incorporated into the free excel invoice template.
  8. Special notes and instructions: In this space, you can make special notes and instructions for specific customer requests.
  9. Ensure that your customer accepts your invoice utilizing signing in the spaces provided, signature, print name, and date.
  10. Below the section where your customer signs to accept your invoice please insert your contact details for a quick point of reference should the customer wish to contact you.
  11. At the bottom, middle of the page you can enter your company address.
  12. Download and save your invoice onto your PC from where you can then print a copy and e-mail a copy to your customer.

How is it beneficial for your business to use an impressive invoice template?

Your invoice is often your last communication with your customer and it is therefore important because :

  • Good impressions last a lifetime.
  • If your customer is impressed and happy the chances of being referred to new customers for business are great.
  • A delighted customer will always do business with you again.

We have compiled a list of the 5 most common invoice types which can be used in small businesses.

  1. Pro forma invoices – A proforma invoice can be a great opportunity to make your customer feel like they are involved in the process. It gives them an idea of what it will cost before you will start work on their project and if any revisions need to be made after that point.
  2. Interim invoices – To get ahead of a large project that will take multiple payments, an interim invoice can help break down the payment process into manageable portions, this way you know when and how much money is coming in for your work. 
  3. Recurring invoices – A recurring invoice is a bill that pops up in your inbox or mailbox at the same time every month.
  4. Past due invoices – When an invoice has not been paid by its due date a past due invoice is generated and sent to the customer as a reminder of the outstanding payment.
  5. Final invoices – Once you have completed a project or delivered a service to your customer you must generate a final invoice. The final invoice reflects the total amount due to you.

To ensure that our clients enjoy the benefits of detailed clear-cut reporting, advanced invoicing features and accurate financial records we advise to only use the best accounting software rather than the above invoice template.

Our clients use the below paid accounting software to get the best out of their finance function

Paid Versions :

Xero – Xero accounting software is a cloud-based software that we use for the majority of our customers. It has a user-friendly interface which is the most attractive feature and it also provides high-quality reports.

Quickbooks – Is pretty much the same as Xero. This is a good choice for the individual who wants to spend less on accounting software. It is ideal for small companies and sole proprietors with lower volume transactions.

Sage One – Sage is a very well-known accounting software program that is used by many accountants and South African companies. It also offers capabilities that are much like that of Xero as well as Quickbooks but is not as easy to use.

Free Versions :

Wave accounting – A product that was designed with freelancers and consultants in mind. The free reporting and invoicing tools are perfect for running your day-to-day business finances from anywhere at any time.

Even though the benefits of free alternatives can be very tempting for small businesses. These platforms don’t tend to offer the features or scalability that is necessary for a high-volume transactions business and it will not be beneficial should your business be VAT registered.

With CFO360’s free invoice excel template, creating invoices have never been easier! And this means saving you time and money.

Contact us if you require any assistance with accounting, bookkeeping, reporting, business advisory, or tax compliance services. Call us on 011 568 2390. Email us directly at [email protected] or you can complete our contact form.

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