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Summary Of Our Companies Audit Services

CFO360 can assist with the annual Audit for your entity. We cater for a variety of company types and industries. The audit of companies can be a requirement for various reasons but this should not only be seen as a statutory or legal requirement but rather a value-adding exercise.

The companies act requires a companies audit for the following reasons:

  • Public Companies
  • State-owned companies
  • Private companies holding assets in a fiduciary capacity
  • Non-profit companies for a variety of reasons
  • Companies with a specific requirement to be audited
As a general rule, the majority of an audit is performed after the year-end is done but specific audit tests may be performed at various times during the year as required by the individual auditor or audit team.
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What Our Companies Audit Include

You will be assigned to our team of auditors and qualified accountants to assist with your audit engagement. 

At CFO360 we will provide you with a sufficient overview of the requirements to obtain an unqualified audit and will ensure you are part of the process from start to finish.

Not all entities require an audit. In most cases, it is only required to have an audit engagement if the companies act, any third party stakeholders or your MOI requires to have an audit.

As part of our services, we would advise you whether or not an audit is required.

We can absolutely assist with preparing annual financial statements.  

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Yes, we can also do independent reviews if required. An Independent Review only provides limited assurance on financial statements.

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As a value-added service, CFO360 bundles taxation services you may need with your current monthly accounting services to offer the entire spectrum to you as a client. 

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Companies need an audit to provide assurance to all stakeholders that the company’s annual financial statements are without error and that all events that affect the company have been disclosed without misstatements.

With the use of our cloud accounting software and processes we can equip your business to run from virtually anywhere. Our systems allow you to invoice from any device and your supplier invoices/slips can be captured as easy as taking a picture to be automatically processed. This allows your accounting records to stay as up to date as possible and provide you with a real-time reporting experience to make critical business decisions. 

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