Tax Returns for Individuals

Don't let your Personal income Taxes be a headache

Qualified Professionals and Registered Tax Practitioners

Full Service Tax Specialisation

Personal Tax Returns

Tax Returns for Individuals can be confusing.  Let CFO360 take the stress out of tax compliance for you by submitting your returns and guiding you through the process.

Tax Objections

Objections that are denied can mean that an assessment can be final or very difficult to change.  Let a Registered Tax Professional assist you with your Objections to SARS to ensure all your legal rights are met.

Tax Audit or Verification

Tax Returns can be selected for Audits for various reasons.  If handled correctly this can be a straightforward exercise.  Let us assist you with your tax audits or reviews.

Tax Return for Individuals

Don't lose Out on Tax Deductions

No Need to Submit a Return?

Not everyone needs to submit a tax return. While this move by SARS has gone a long way to reducing the administrative burden on basic tax payers, for many tax payers this means they miss out on deductions.  You should consider still submitting a tax return if you have any of the following:

  • Medical Aid
  • Retirement Annuity
  • Income Protection Premiums

Integrity and Trust

All returns will be prepared with integrity, no advice will be given that will place you at risk with SARS and we will not charge you to submit a return when you do not need to.

Professional and Painless

At CFO360 we will make sure that your annual taxes are a painless process and that they are prepared and reviewed by a professionals and  Registered Tax Practitioners.

Document Retention

We will keep your documents for the requisite 5 years should you or SARS require it.  No need to keep files with records anymore.

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