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Summary Of Our Audit and Assurance Services

As Registered Auditors, CFO360 can assist with performing the audit function. While no longer a specific requirement per the Companies Act of South Africa, 2008, many companies still require an audit. This may be from a business perspective, from the points system introduced per the Companies Act, as a requirement from a parent company, as a requirement from financiers, or for various other reasons.

The stakeholders in the modern business are requiring more from the Audit function. This is not merely a function to satisfy statutory requirements but also a function to add value to the various stakeholders within businesses from creditors to shareholders to the markets. A wholly independent audit function that performs all the requirements as required per the companies act. While as an audit firm we maintain independence, the value of the relationship with the audit client is not understated and is imperative to the efficiency of this function. The value of a full audit of the entity cannot be understated.

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What Our Audit and Assurance Services Include

You will be assigned a dedicated auditor/accountant to assist with all your audit and assurance needs.

CFO360 provides Audit and Assurance services for a variety of entities (Companies, Trust, Schools, etc) and in a variety of different industries. 

CFO360 can assist with the annual Companies Audit for your entity. We cater for a variety of company types and industries. The audit of companies can be a requirement for various reasons but this should not only be seen as a statutory or legal requirement but rather a value-adding exercise.

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Independent Reviews are not full assurance engagements but rather limited assurance engagements. In this engagement, the procedures being performed will consist mostly of inquiry and analytical procedures to arrive at an opinion.

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Due diligence is an audit or investigation of a potential investment for an investor to provide some level of assurance on the investment.

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A Schools Audit is a requirement of the South African Schools Act. This is a requirement that can only be exempted by the executive (Minister of Education). It is important for schools to be professional and externally audited not only as a legal requirement but as assurance for the respective governing bodies and the public beneficiaries of schools.

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An Attorneys Trust Audit is a requirement of the Attorneys Act of South Africa. An annual audit report is prepared following this audit and is to be submitted within 6 months of the Attorneys’ financial year-end.

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Every Estate Agent that is entrusted with third-party funds is required to have Estate Agent Trust Audit. This is a requirement of the Estate Agency Affairs Board as well as the Estate Agency Affairs Act.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Audit and assurance services encompass a broad range of activities that are designed to provide independent, objective assurances about an organization’s financial statements, business operations, and compliance with laws and regulations. The goal of these services is to help organizations improve their governance, risk management, and control processes.

The main purpose of assurance services is to provide organizations with the confidence that their financial statements are accurate and in compliance with relevant regulations. Many organizations today rely on assurance services in order to meet regulatory requirements, as well as to demonstrate their commitment to quality and continuous improvement. In addition, customers and other stakeholders often consider the results of an organization’s assurance engagement when making decisions about doing business with them.

Assurance services are all about providing guarantees, while auditing services are designed to ensure that everything is up to scratch. In other words, assurance services give you a sense of security, while auditing services help you identify any potential problems.

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