Audit and Assurance




Audit and Assurance


As Registered Auditors CFO360 can assist with performing the audit function.  While no longer a specific requirement per the Companies Act of South Africa, 2008, many companies still require an audit .  This may be from a business perspective, from the points system introduced per the Companies Act, as a requirement from a parent company,  as requirement from financiers, or for various other reasons.  


The stakeholders in the modern business are requiring more from the Audit function.  This is not merely a function to satisfy statutory requirements but also a function to add value to the various stakeholders within businesses from creditors to shareholders to the markets.  A wholly independent audit function that performs all the requirements as required per the companies act.  While as an audit firm we maintain independence, the value of the relationship with the audit client is not understated and is imperative to the efficiency of this function.  The value of a full audit to the entity cannot be understated.


CFO360 provides Audit and Assurance services for a variety of entities (Companies, Trust, Schools, etc) and in a variety of different industries.  To discuss your entities requirements further or to get an overview of what CFO360 can offer you get in touch with us.

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