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We are a Modern Practice of Accountants providing businesses with Outsourced Accounting Services and Financial Tools they need to focus on what's important in their business.


Our Services

Financial Systems

We assist you with implementing the best cloud financial software. This will simplify your life as a business owner and position you for business growth.

Accounting, Tax & Compliance

We provide Outsourced Accounting Services and other compliance services on a fixed monthly retainer. These services are tailored to the specific needs your business.

Other Services

We also provide a range of operational, financial, and strategic services backed by a multi-disciplinary team of Chartered Accountants and other professionals.

How we work

Business Analysis & Implementation

We take time to understand your business. We will give you a clear picture of your financial and operational needs and will assist you in implementing these systems.

Accounting & Service Agreement

Once we have assisted you in implementing a fit-for-purpose system we agree on a monthly Outsourced Accounting Services agreement that takes care of your business' specific needs, reducing the red tape.

Business Partnership

We align our interests with that of your business. We see ourselves as internal partners that get involved in your business to ensure your finances and compliance systems run like they should.

Spec Savers

What Our Outsourced Accounting Services Include

CFO360 can assist with all your Accounting Services needs.  One of the critical factors for business success is keeping tabs on your performance, and this can only be achieved by accurate and timeous accounting.  Have you considered outsourcing this routine but very much essential business function?

You will be assigned one of our professional qualified accountants as your dedicated accountant that will provide you all the support, tax planning, and accounting advice that you and your company need.

We’ll help you with the accounting and bookkeeping that you don’t have the time or expertise to do, while you focus on your business. As your Accountant, we are able to give you a better, more value-focused service, while time saved on administrative queries will be better spent on value-adding activities. 

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CFO360 will assist you with the preparation of Financial Statements on an annual basis. As the manager or owner of an entity you will need financial statements for filing annual tax returns to SARS, the annual company returns to the CIPC, as well as to secure any financing.

Learn more about our Annual Financial Statements

Our services include the training and ongoing support of your accounting system for you and your staff. Your dedicated accountant will also do frequent reviews of the system. Both you, your staff and your accountant have always-on access to your systems from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. The systems we use are all open to other systems to ensure you don’t need to change as your company expands or requires a different function. 

Learn more about our Systems and Software.

As a value-added service, CFO360 bundles taxation services you may need with your current monthly accounting services to offer the entire spectrum to you as a client. 

Learn more about our Tax Services

CFO360 can assist with all your Payroll Services needs.  While paying staff is an important function, this can be a time consuming regular task.  CFO360 can offer small to medium-sized entities and business owners a professional approach to this sensitive cycle. In addition, we will take care of all the related legislative requirements and ensure the necessary deadlines are met. 

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With the use of our cloud accounting software and processes we can equip your business to run from virtually anywhere. Our systems allow you to invoice from any device and your supplier invoices/slips can be captured as easy as taking a picture to be automatically processed. This allows your accounting records to stay as up to date as possible and provide you with a real-time reporting experience to make critical business decisions. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourced accounting services are simply accounting services that are provided by another company, rather than by an in-house accounting team. Many businesses choose to outsource their accounting for a variety of reasons, including cost savings and access to specialized expertise.

There are a lot of financial services that can be outsourced, but it really depends on what you need. If you need something simple like bookkeeping or data entry, there are plenty of companies that can do that for you. If you need something more complex like tax preparation or investment advice, there are also companies that can provide those services. Ultimately, it just depends on what your specific needs are.

It depends on your needs, but outsourcing an accountant can be quite affordable. You can easily find firms that will offer you competitive rates, and many of them have payment plans that make it easy to budget for their services. Plus, with the time and money you’ll save by having someone else handle your finances, it’s definitely worth considering outsourcing an accountant.

Some Of Our Software Partners

Our software partners are all used to increase efficiency, automate processes and enhance the performance of your finance department so you can out perform your competition.

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