Small Business Income Tax Calculator

Does Your Business Qualify As A Small Business Corporation (SBC)?

If ALL Your Answers To The Below Questions Are “YES” Then Your Business May Qualify For SBC Tax. If ANY Of Your Answers Are “NO” Your Business Will NOT Qualify For SBC Tax

  • Does the company declare that none of the shareholders / members of the company held shares / interests in another close corporation, company or co-operative other than those specified in s12E(4)(a)(ii)?
  • Does the company declare that the company is not a Personal Service Provider as defined in the Fourth Schedule?
  • Does the company declare that all of the shareholders / members were natural persons (individuals) throughout the year of assessment?
  • Does the company declare that not more than 20% of the total of all receipts and accruals (other than of a capital nature) and all capital gains of the company consists collectively of investment income and income from rendering a personal service?
  • Does your business have a turnover of less than R20 million per year?

If ALL Your Answers To The Above Questions Are “YES” Then You Can Use The Below Calculator To Calculate Your SBC Income Tax. If You Are Unsure Or Answered “NO” To Any Questions Contact Us To Assist With Your Tax Calculation And Return.

Our Small Business Tax Calculator is currently in maintenance, but please use the below SARS tables as a quide for your calculation or alternatively contact us so we can assist you with the calc.

2023 Small Bussiness Tax Brackets
2023 SBC
2022 Small Business Tax Rates
2021 and 2022 Small Business Tax Rates
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