Companies Audit



Companies Audit


CFO360 can assist with the annual Companies Audit for your entity.  We cater for a variety of company types and industries.  The audit of companies can be a requirement for various reasons but this should not only be seen as a statutory or legal requirement but rather a value adding exercise.  


The companies act requires a companies audit for the following reasons:

  • Public Companies
  • State owned companies
  • Private companies holding assets in a fiduciary capacity
  • Non profit companies for a variety of reasons
  • Companies with a specific requirement to be audited


As a general rule the majority of a companies audit is performed after the year end is done but specific audit tests may be performed at various times during the year as required by the individual auditor or audit team.  


At CFO360 we will provide you with a sufficient overview of the requirements to obtain an unqualified audit and will ensure you are part of the process from start to finish.  

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