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The end of Tax Clearance Certificates?  New Tax Compliance Certificate process implemented by SARS

On 18 April 2016 the South African Revenue Service rolled out phase 3 of its enhanced tax clearance certificate process.  In the past all avenues to obtaining a Tax Clearance Certificate for tenders or in general led to having to go to a SARS branch to obtain a print of the clearance certificate.  With the new procedure the entities tax status can be verified online by the Third Party.


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New Compliance Dashboard

This is a definite improvement over the previous system and should ease the burden of obtaining tax clearance certificates on entities.  The new system also introduces a handy dashboard which supplies an overview of all items that currently indicate the entity as non compliant with SARS.  Anothe handly functionality to the taxpayer is the ability to see who has viewed their status online and allowing the taxpayers to allocate payments themselves, and challenge the status given by SARS.


Who's viewed my Status?, tax clearance certificate
Who’s viewed my Status?

The main process by which tax clearance certificates will now be verified is by supplying an institution with a PIN  in order to verify the taxpayers status online but it appear the third party will need to have access to SARS Efiling to verify the tax compliance status of the entity.  Entities without an EFiling profile will presumable have to gain access to EFiling before they can verify the status of a third party.  The online verification gives the verifier the ability to enter Tender amounts and duration for tenders awarded though it is unclear how this information will be used.  An online document can be printed by the third party to denote the status at the time of verifying.


SARS has issue a comprehensive guide to the new system that can be found here.
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